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Welcome to this Labour of Love

The Glass Catalogue, part of the Glass-Study group of sites, includes scans from original catalogues, restored images as neccesary. Each item has full details from the original catalogue plus any other knowledge that is available. Photographs of the actual pieces would be appreciated for inclusion on their main page. To make comparisons there are several routes to each item page allowing searches by function, decoration, date and original catalogue, etcetera. Note that all sizes illustrated for an item are included as proportions can vary with size.

Attempts will be made to sequence items by similarity but initially the main effort is on getting the catalogues digitised. Feedback on organisation is welcomed.

Covers and research on individual catalogues included can be found in the Glass-study.com library, link on menu to left.

In 2018 the site is being converted from a database driven to a fixed html5 site. The disdavantage of this is it requires a lot more work as each of the thousands of pages is hand coded. But this has been done with good reason, database driven sites need constant software upgrades and security patching, they are also at risk of hacking. As I am getting on in years, the only way of ensuring permanence is by moving to this archived form and once all sites converted, continue the digitisation project.

The ability to do search is also lost but you can search any individual site by using Google (or similar) site search. Some browsers help you do a site search. Here is an example of what to type in the search bar using google to find all references to 'Claret' - Claret SITE:GLASSCATALOGUE.COM

Google site search.

www glasscatalogue.com

Another advantage is that users can download the entire site on to their computers/devices and use it offline, this also helps preservation, but be aware it will be growing I will put a last update date on the front page. Also do not sell such downloads unless you ASK FIRST and pass on the proceeds to the site owner to defray the costs of hosting! You can give copies to friends but please ensure they agree to the terms of use!

The Glass Catalogue includes the following material. Hundreds of catalogues still to do!

Brüder Rachmann 1907/8 (Bohemia) - 636 Perfume and other sprays
Burley & Tyrrell 1900 (US wholesaler) - 214 - US Cut, Bohemian, Oil lamps
Chance Brothers (UK) c 1930 - 27 Glass Globes
Edinburgh Crystal 1977 (UK) - 253 - Cut Glassware
Holmegaard 1969 and c1975 (DK) - 13 - Figures
Moser 1948 (Czech) - 274 patterns of glassware
Paris 1878 - Glass shown in Commissioner Blake's Report
Pirelli Glass Ltd (UK) c1959 - Lampwork, weights & Glass decoration 225 items, 407 images
Stevens and Williams - New Services of Table Glass c1892/1903 (UK) - 302 items
Stevens and Williams - English Table Glass c1910 (UK) - 138 items
Thomas Webb Crystal 1977 (UK) - 215 items - Cut Glassware & Bristol Glass

Many more to come from around the world

Last update 27 May 2018